RawFfest - Youth Arts Festival

Get Involved

Get Involved

Do you want to help run this youth arts festival?

RawFfest 2019 is now finished! 

We had four amazing days filled with drama, music, art and a whole host of other exciting activities, attended by over 850 people at the stunning Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff. 

For future reference there are three ways to get involved in RawFfest. As part of the planning and programming group, as a PlaceMaker helping to deliver the festival, or as an attendee. Keep an eye on the RawFfest website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for when and where the next festival will be and how to get involved! 

Planning & Programming
RawFfest is planned and programmed by a group of young people aged 16 to 25.
They are responsible for making the key decisions relating to the content of the
festival, including what acts perform and what workshops and exhibitions take place.
They decide how RawFfest is marketed and promoted, plan the festival launch and
create the festival's visual identity. This group, guided by a number of key mentors,
has been meeting since August 2018 and are now in the final stages of creating the
festival. If you would still like to get involved however, please contact
info@rawffest.wales .

PlaceMakers, aged 16 to 25, are the volunteers that help make the planning and
programming group's ideas a reality. They are the 'face' of the festival, welcoming
attendees and ensuring things run smoothly. They are essential to making the
festival an exciting place to be and being a PlaceMaker is a great way to learn new
skills and gain experience of working on a dynamic event in a arts venue. For a
more detailed description of this role and information on how to apply, please see the
job description.

Anyone aged 14 to 25 can come and enjoy RawFfest. The programme is broad and
covers a huge range of arts through performances, exhibitions and workshops.
Some of this year’s workshops also lead to opportunities to be a part of immersive
performances so even if you’re not bringing work to the festival, you might find
yourself taking part in a show or sharing of something that has been created at
RawFfest 2019. See the ticketing information on our website for more information
about how to book your place at the festival.