25 - 28 April 2019 | Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

RawFfest - Youth Arts Festival

Support Us

Support Us

Helping RawFfest happen

Festival partners

This festival is a partnership of five organisations who have given their resources to make it happen:

  • Arts Development UK – the UK-wide network of individuals and organisations working in the arts and communities, a registered charity and the governing body for the festival
  • Youth Arts Network Cymru (YANC) the Wales-wide network of youth arts practitioners
  • Newport Live – the Trust with responsibility for leisure and culture in Newport
  • Venue Cymru  - the major venue in Llandudno, North Wales
  • Wales Millennium Centre  - Wales’ flagship performing arts centre

Festival funders

RawFfest is enormously grateful for generous financial support from the Arts Council of WalesWelsh Government (Major Events), Literature Wales and the Foyle Foundation.

Festival sponsors 

We are grateful for the support of Santander in contributing to RawFfest 2017.  

Are you able to help young people come to this exciting new festival?

We want the young people’s vision to come through including enabling them to plan and programme the festival, to show their work and to have an immersive, residential experience.

Support our crowdfunding campaign!

Why should you give your hard-earned cash to a bunch of young people so they can have a great time at a festival?

Because there's more to RawFfest than meets the eye. Young people have had our lives transformed by the intense, immersive experience at the pilot in 2016. As well as making enduring friendships, their confidence has gone through the roof.  They are ready to take control: not just of the festival, but of their lives.

You can donate here - make sure you check out the amazing video made by our young people. 

Where will your money go?

Why should you give your hard-earned cash to a bunch of young people so they can have a great time at a festival?  Well, your money will be used for two things:

Firstly to pay for reduced price and free tickets targeted at disadvantaged young people.  In Wales over a third of young people live below the poverty line (Welsh Government figures). We want your help to make sure price is not a barrier to being involved.

And secondly we want to nurture the next generation of professional artists. Young artists will run some of the inspirational workshops. This will give us vital hands-on experience so that we get on the first step of the ladder of arts as a career.

We have some great rewards for you if you choose to pledge - these are:

Pledge £10 - a personalised postcard designed and created by a young person. Your postcard will be handmade and unique. Plus, a shout out and thank you on our social media platforms.

Pledge £25 - a personalised flag and a goodwill message from our Tibetan Prayer Flag style bunting.

Pledge £50 - Goodie bag: with a personalised postcard and a flag with a goodwill message designed and created by a young person. Each one will be unique.

Pledge £100 - Nominate a young person as a V.I.P to attend the festival, including a t-shirt, goodie bag, best seats at performances, free food and workshops, and Personal Assistant for the day.  

So what are you waiting for?  Pledge now!