17 - 20 August, 2017 | Venue Cymru, Llandudno

RawFfest - Youth Arts Festival

Chloe's Blog: Get Creative. Get Involved. Get RawFfest

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RawFfest is a new youth arts festival for 14 – 25 year olds in Wales, which is fun, innovative and creative.

Chloe's Blog: Get Creative. Get Involved. Get RawFfest

RawFfest is planned and programmed by young people for young people, showcasing all different types of talent of youth arts today. RawFfest also includes a wide range of workshops and many more fun filled activities where young people can express their creativity and produce new work. 

RawFfest helps provide pathways and opportunities for young people allowing them to come together combining their minds to express their creativity. 

The contagious passion of RawFfest helps build character, inspire confidence and give you the chance to meet enthusiastic and energetic young, new people.

Behind the Scenes

To prepare for RawFfest: First Bite, the marketing team and working group came together to help set up and organise the event.  Together we prepared signs, posters and name tags to make sure that the event was clearly sign posted for all the people that were attending. The signs needed to have the correct information and schedules for workshops and meetings. We wanted to create a positive, enjoyable atmosphere so we also made bunting, creative signs and giant colouring sheets that could be used on the day. 

Our First Bite

The day began in The Riverfront basement where everyone who is involved in the festival got to meet and get to know each other. To avoid any nervousness from any people, we jumped straight in and played a simple throw the bean bag game to learn and remember each other names. This was successful and broke the ice between us all. We then all choose one ‘claim to fame’ to tell to the group, finding interesting facts about each other. My claim to fame was that I had once performed on the West End. After listening to everyone’s bizarre, humorous, claim to fames we were split into four groups. For this challenge we had to build the tallest and most stable tower we could out of Marshmallows and uncooked Pasta. This was a challenging game that allowed each team to work together to create the best tower they could possibly make in 5 minutes. After some eating of the marshmallows, the 5 minutes was up. Each group took a different approach to this challenge, building different models with different techniques.

Each of the towers stood tall… apart from one which stood for one or two seconds until someone let go (oops!).


The festival included free workshops for the public which included theatre, singing and dancing. Tin Shed Theatre Company, Operasonic and National Dance Company Wales all ran hour long workshops allowing people to be creative while having fun.

I took part in the Tin Shed Theatre workshop which was ran by Georgina. This was an exciting and enjoyable workshop where 

everyone got involved and creative. We began the workshop by playing many different warm up games such as word association with a tennis ball. These games had punishments if we were unsuccessful in catching the tennis ball. For example, if we could not think of a word quick enough we would have to put one hand behind our backs.  We then were split into two groups where we were given different challenges competing against the rival group! We were told that the floor was now ‘lava’ and we had to cross over to the other side of the room with 5 sheets of newspaper as a group. This took a lot of planning and team work. With the newspaper from the previous game, we had to choose a headline. We then were given a genre of a film and in groups we had to create a Hollywood film trailer and then perform this back to the other group. We came up with the Queen visiting the Taj Mahal while being haunted by Paul Daniels, and the other group came up with a love story between a monkey and a washing machine. This workshop was a lot of fun and allowed everyone to get involved and to have an enjoyable time.

Dance workshops from National Dance Company and singing workshops from Operasonic were also successful and enjoyed by everyone who took part.


RawFfest: First Bite gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts and opinions while being creative and having fun. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at First Bite, working as part of a team to plan an exciting and dynamic event. I love being part of RawFfest as I can interact with new people and develop my skills in a positive, pleasurable atmosphere.  So far RawFfest has been a great opportunity and experience for me and I cannot wait for the festival in August.